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14 Best Dog Friendly Beaches
14 Best Dog Friendly Beaches


Many of us agree that a family beach vacation is just not complete unless it includes the entire family - and that means the furry family members too! Check out our list of 14 of the most dog friendly beaches in the US.

1. Fort De Soto Dog Beach - Tierra Verde, FL
Fort De Soto Beach is about 15 miles south of St. Petersburg, FL. The area includes a quarter mile of off-leash dog beach and 2 fenced in dog parks, one for large dogs and one for small dogs. And there are dog showers and water fountains to keep your dog cool on even the hottest days.

2. Huntington Dog Beach - Huntington Beach, CA
The dog beach is at the northern end of Huntington Beach, and stretches for over a mile. According to city ordinance dogs must remain leashed, but you'll often find well-behaved dogs running around and playing in the surf unleashed. Beach amenities include public restrooms, 2 designated parking lots, picnic tables, and free doggie waste bags.

3. Jupiter Beach - Jupiter, FL
The dog-friendly beach area of Jupiter Beach is 2.5 miles long, and one of the largest on the East Coast. Well behaved dogs are allowed to play off-leash as long as they are under the direct supervision of their owner. Plenty of free doggie waste bag dispensers are available to ensure that the beach is kept clean.

4. Double Bluff Beach - Whidbey Island, WA
The 2 mile long stretch of Double Bluff Beach is designated as an off-leash area, though leashes are required in the picnic and barbecue areas. Amenities include doggie waste bag stations, doggie drinking fountains and showers.

5. Jekyll Island, GA
Jekyll Island, located just off the coast of Georgia, is one of the most dog friendly vacation destinations in Georgia. Dogs are allowed on the beaches year round, but leashes are required out of concern for the protection of nesting migratory birds and sea turtles. As an added bonus, there are several pet-friendly hotels on Jekyll Island.

6. Rosie's Dog Beach - Long Beach, CA
Rosie's Dog Beach is LA County's only legal off-leash dog beach. This beach is open daily, covers about 4 acres, and since it is not a dedicated dog beach it can get quite crowded. Some doggie waste bags are provided in dispensers, but pet owners are encouraged to bring their own bags from home.

7. Bald Head Island, NC
Bald Head Island, at the southern end of NC's barrier island allows leashed dogs on the beach during the daytime, and off leash from sunset to sunrise. The exception is during turtle nesting season (May 1 thru Nov 15) when dogs must be kept on leash. The island is accessible only by ferry or private boat, and even the ferry is pet-friendly!

8. Block Island Beach, RI
Block Island is probably one of the most dog friendly places you'll find. There are 17 miles of beaches that are dog friendly, and many of the hotels and restaurants are also pet friendly, though dogs must be leashed. You should always check the local ordinances, but you may find some more secluded beaches where your dog can run and play off leash. Dogs can even ride the ferry to the island for free!

9. Cannon Beach, OR
Cannon Beach not only has miles of beautiful beachfront, but is one of the most dog-friendly beaches. Dogs are free to play off leash, provided they are under voice control of their owners. The nearby town is also pet-friendly, including many hotels and restaurants with outdoor patios that welcome pets.

10. Coronado Dog Beach - Coronado, CA
Coronado Dog Beach is a beautiful, almost 2 mile long, white sand beach that you and your furry family member will enjoy. The beach is leash free year round, but in areas outside of the marked dog beach your dog must be on leash, and this is strictly enforced. There are also lots of amenities at this beach - picnic tables, restrooms and showers, and even a fountain with a hose to wash off the sand when leaving the beach.

11. Del Mar Dog Beach - CA
Dogs must be on a leash during the summer, but are allowed to run and play off leash the rest of the year. Dogs are permitted on all two miles of Del Mar's beach, but Dog Beach (aka North Beach) is a particular favorite of locals.

12. Wildwood Dog Beach - Wildwood, NJ
Dog friendly beaches are hard to find in New Jersey, but Wildwood may be the exception. Their dog beach also includes a fenced in dog park with separate areas for large and small dogs. Dogs must be leashed on the beach, but are permitted off leash within the dog park area where there are toys and activities for them, along with water and a gazebo for shade. And don't worry about being able to find the dog beach - just look for the giant two-story tall red fire hydrant with doggie paw prints on it!

13. Galveston, TX
All public beaches on Galveston's 32 miles of beautiful coastline are dog friendly! Though dogs are required to be kept on a leash, that's not the worst thing as there's plenty of room to roam around. Dogs are also allowed on the 10 mile long seawall along the Gulf of Mexico.

14. Morris Island - Charleston, SC
Morris Island is an undeveloped island located in Charleston Harbor, accessible only by private boat or pet-friendly boat tours. Dogs are permitted to run free on this islands beaches, while their humans can spend their time doing a little beachcombing. Just be sure to bring plenty of fresh water and a few snacks.

If you plan to bring your dog to any beach area, always check ahead to confirm the current laws or rules. Also, remember that the sun and hot sand can be much harder on your pet than it is on you. So be prepared - bring along plenty of fresh water and doggie waste bags. You might also want to consider some protective balm for your pup's paws and nose, or maybe some fun beach toys to add to the enjoyment.

And please remember to always abide by the beach rules, be mindful of any wildlife in the area, and pick up after your pet!